For over 15 years, LaRue Welding has been providing homeowners with quality work to make their property more secure, attractive, and safer. We are a small business shop who can handle both in shop and mobile welding while providing quality craftsmanship and first-rate service. We have repaired our competitors work many times, but no one has to repair ours.

dads pictures 008 Services we provide

  • Custom handrails and repair of handrails
  • Repair of furniture (i.e. bar stools, coffee tables, shelving, etc.)
  • Fabrication
  • Ornamental decorations
  • Wrought iron
  • Custom stairwells
  • Heavy equipment repair

And so much more!

Below are some examples of our Residential Welding

2012-6_29-009 The client ordered five (5) railings of various sizes to line the stairs leading down the hill from their home.  The railings were installed as a safety feature for people using the stairs.  As part of the business proposal, we designed the layout, welded it together and installed it on the property.  Along with this, we also painted it in the color of the client’s choosing. We used Shield Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), commonly referred to as Stick Welding.
Rebar sissy bar for a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.  The client needed a support structure to hold bags on the back of his bike for long trips. We fabricated and installed the sissy bar and the client choose to paint it themselves.We attached the bar by using Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW), commonly referred to as Flux Welding.  002
 10294502_873464539346231_8578024659516215197_n The client needed four (4) railings fabricated and installed that led from two back doors to the home’s back patio.  Along with the railing, they wanted the decorative “B’s” attached to the railing.  The decorative feature was purchased by a supplier and attached to the railing.  Along with fabricating and painting, we installed the railing using a core drilled process so that the railing went into the pavers instead of laying on top of the pavers for a cleaner look and stronger design. We fabricated the railings using Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW), commonly referred to as Flux Welding.

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We guarantee quality workmanship and your satisfaction because we always strive to exceed all expectations. Be one of our satisfied clients today.